Visuals and lighting

Originally I wanted to make the game look more like a painting, so I’ve been using an orthographic camera… but then I realized - wait a minute, I’m making all these 3D assets, and my main art inspiration is those miniature towns at Korean museums… so why am I trying to flatten the visuals?

So I switched the camera to perspective mode and added some edge blur (I need to add more) to make it look more miniature. I’m liking this change a lot. Keeping it! Also I like seeing different elements pop out more. I need to tone down the ground texture normals though. It’s a bit too high in the above gif.

Also I’ve been playing with the lighting more. I want most of the game to take place during night time, because that’s when ghosts come out to play, but also I don’t want the game to look dark. So I’m using a blue directional light and really soaking the scene in it. Like super bright moon light? I’m still fiddling with it, but it’s looking pretty good I think.