Suicide ghost

Here’s another fun little thing that probably won’t go into the game. Committing suicide! Actually this might be a cool mechanic for a game with resurrection. Kill yourself to sacrifice one of your lives, but become invisible for a time and sneak into places…

I scripted the slashing motion in c# script with IK on player’s arms. It doesn’t look as refined as other animations which are using traditional humanoid animations, but with some blends and lerps I could make the motions smoother.

Also, I separated the ghost from the player body for now. I’m not sure if I’m keeping this change though, since I like the look of player seamlessly transitioning from ghost mode to human mode. It would be pretty cool if every time you turns into a ghost, you had to kill yourself and leave a body… and when you turn back into a human you just get a new body. So your old body would still be back there… or maybe you just possess another body? That would be cool too. Like a ghost simulator game. Hop from one body to another. Is this a sneaking game anymore? Maybe this is a ghost simulator now.