Painting blood

I’m painting with blood! I wanted to try this for a while, finally figured out a way to do it. Using a fairly small terrain texture (1024 x 1024) combined with some shader magic (mostly noise and edge blur), I can paint blood on the ground without wasting too much CPU resources, and without it looking like a pixel drawing. It looks super blocky without the shader magic.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep the corpse dragging function in the game though, since I’m running into a lot of issues with the ragdoll going crazy while soldier’s body is being dragged. I could make the corpse’s pose static while it’s being dragged, I guess. Or just figure out how to use the ragdoll better. I’m not sure yet.

But also, I think I’m probably going to have a lot of enemies on each level with patrol routes covering every inch of the level (it sounds impossible to play but I have an idea I want to try), so dragging and hiding corpses might be useless. But even if blood puddle gets painted in unique patterns when each enemy dies, this will be cool. Painting with blood is fun.