Ghost mode

Alright here it is, a key feature of the game finally working. GHOST MODE. Player character can temporarily turn into a ghost and become invisible. Took some time to figure out the mechanics for that and visual effects for the ghost mode. Floating, long hair, seethrough clothing, all that stuff. I don’t think I’ll keep the resurrection though. I like games where you die a lot and you have to go back all the way to the beginning.

The hair uses a geometry shader with some physics simulation running on GPU. It’s very efficient for the number of hair strands it renders. I hope I won’t run into compatibility issues with consoles though. Shader languages and compatibility issues are scary… So far running nicely on PC and iOS, so maybe it’ll be fine on other platforms too. I don’t have plans to make this game for mobile, but I just wanted to test the performance. Solid 30fps on my old iPhone 6s, pretty good.

Also, interactive grass makes ghost mode cooler. Basically I make the invisible grass circle (with direction info embedded into RGB) larger and spinning while player is in ghost mode. This makes the grass under ghost’s feet wave around wildly. I like it.