Homing bullet

I’ve been working on enemy AI and shooting. I’m trying different ideas for the bullet and enemy rifle.

  • Actual bullet with physics, run sideways to dodge

  • Actual bullet with some homing, so you see the bullet trail but it’s super hard to dodge it

  • Just a line from rifle to the player and instant death

I think the 3rd choice is probably what I’m going to go with, because it fits the rest of the gameplay ideas I have, but I’m trying the other ideas too.

Homing bullets are pretty funny. I tried slowing down the bullet flying speed, and it looks like a red snake flying in the air and biting the player. Maybe I should keep this and make this game just ridiculous.

I also added a ‘hearing range’ collider to the enemy. If you sprint close to the enemy, he’ll turn towards the player and shoot. I’m experimenting with the right turning speed, so player can stop running just before the enemy sees the player and have fun outsmarting the enemy AI.

Another homing bullet with some terrain bug thrown in there too. Homing bullets are so fun. Not for this game but maybe for another future game, I’ll try these weird slow homing bullets. Could be neat.