I’ve been working on character movement and basic enemy AI. Backstab works most of the time, but sometimes the collider doesn’t trigger. And I can’t make the knife trigger too big, because then the enemy would die before the enemy makes contact… How do other games with melee combat solve collider issues? I need to do more research. But anyway, it’s mostly working.

And there’s a blood puddle and blood particles too. I want to make the blood particle system would actually paint on the ground, but I don’t know if that’s technically feasible. It would be neat if every enemy painted a unique blood puddle on the terrain, instead of seeing the same blood puddle shape every time… I don’t know, do people care about those things? In my opinion, it’s always more exciting when things are dynamic. But if there are dozens of blood particles flying out of the body every frame, that would be dozens of collision events on the terrain… and each one of them painting on the terrain texture and updating them… Doesn’t sound like it’s going to run smoothly. Unless I use some shader trick or… maybe compute shaders? Offloading those parallel tasks to the GPU should be good… Or maybe ECS? What does multicore texture update process even look like? Those are some things to look into..