New building, new human

Alright, now here are some new buildings and new humans. L-shaped hanok looks pretty good. Maybe even better than the first hanok? I made it much faster than the first one too, now that I know how to make those roofs with the slight bend to them. Thank you blender tutorials.

Also, I made a man (sunbi class) in medium. Oculus Medium is great for making humans and basically anything organic. It’s just like playing with clay, except it’s in VR and you can undo-redo so it’s much better. I also made a choga, seen on the left side in the gif above. The straw roof is not as convincing as the roof tiles on the other houses. I need to go back and figure out how to make straw look like straw… right now I’m using straw normal maps but I think there must be a way to make the individual straw strands pop more.