Blue Memorium (working title) is a first-person surreal horror game that deals with obsession and madness.

Players will step into the role of Mary, who is looking for her twin sister May. After losing their parents in a car accident, May immerses herself into conspiracy theories regarding her parents' death and loses contact with her twin sister. 3 years later, Mary gets a call from May asking her to come to an underground bunker in a forest, and that this place will reveal everything about their parents' death - who is behind it all and why it happened.

As her journey continues, Mary will discover what May had been looking into all along. Her level of unease will rise as she goes deeper and deeper into the bunker. Players will have to carefully navigate through the game world and make hard choices which will determine how Mary and May's stories end.


Here are some short demos I have been making for prototyping and research.

Bending hallway

Nightmare sequence test. School desk triggering a childhood nightmare for the twin sister.

Intro scene hallway and elevator test

Gallery test environment

Also, I will be using camera system and graphics techniques developed while making Noonchi music video. In a way, that music video was a prototype for the graphics style in Blue Memorium.