Anomaly - 0.0.8

This week I added a drone to the game. The drones can’t hurt the player, but they can inform the nearest robot of the player’s position, so that robots can come and kill the player. 

Drone code is essentially the same as the robot’s code, minus killing animation and wall detection, so it was quite easy to implement. Figuring out how to notify the nearest robot took some time, but I think it works without issues now. There is one last type of enemy to implement. I'll save the details on that one for the next devblog update.

I also experimented with more level designs. I’m finding out more and more about what types of levels are fun. It seems that maze-like levels with narrow corridors are not good for this game, since you can’t evade robots easily on a linear path. They’ll keep following you until you get killed. It’s better to have blocky obstacles that you can circle around to lose the bots. When I make the environmental assets, these blocks will be tables, hospital beds, machines, etc.

Also, I’ve been adjusting the player’s walking speed to make the game fun. I sped up the player quite a bit and the game feels smoother now. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and Alex (story writer for this game) suggested it as well, so I went ahead and did it. This is the same thing I did with Everything is Undead. The game started out with very slow movements, and then I sped it up a lot when Gab (who did sounds for the game) suggested speeding up the game a bit. In the end, the game got a lot more fun when it sped up, so thanks to him for that. I wonder if other game designers do this as well? Well, I guess this is just part of balancing. At the moment, the game feels a bit too easy, so I’ll probably slow the player down a little bit.

Last bit of update, and it's a really tiny update. Two weeks ago I added a new death animation to the game where the bots impale the player with their arms. This death animation felt a little bit off sometimes, because the angle of the arms used to fixed to some angle inwards. If the player happens to be a little bit off to the sides, the arm would extend at the same angle and not actually go through the player character.

This bothered me a lot, so I added some vector math that figures out exactly the angle that it needs to bend to impale the player realistically. I wonder if the guy that invented vectors foresaw this use for his math concept. Haha.

Anomaly - 0.0.6

Trying out a new death animation. Is it too violent? Haha. I'm gonna keep it this way while I work on other parts of the game.

I fiddled around with enemy AI a lot for the last couple of days. I tried dynamically updating their patrol patterns when they spot the player, and I also tried making the bots notify each other when they spot the player. Both of those changes made the game impossibly hard... For the time being, I'm gonna roll back the enemy AI to the previous state. I want this game to be challenging, but not frustrating impossible!

Things I'm gonna work on next: another type of robot, more levels, end level record page, collectibles script, and more. Off to looking at this screen for the next couple of days :)